MIMS Rules

What do you have to do to complete the MIM swim?

Start of Swim

Photo: Me getting ready for my Channel Swim in 2013

The rules are basically the same as the English Channel Swimming rules:

    • What to wear: One standard swimsuit, goggles, earplugs, and grease will be allowed. Unlike English Channel swims it is permissible to actually wear 2 caps – the official race cap and another silicone or latex cap

    • Getting around: Obviously, swimmers may not use flotation aids, propulsion devices, or any devices used to maintain body heat (e.g.fins, wet suits, hand paddles, kickboards, etc.). Pacing, drafting (within 5 metres of another swimmer), towing or touching the escort boat or another swimmer results in disqualification

Unlike other swims, there are specific cut-off times at designated locations throughout the course and swimmers will be pulled from the race if they do not make the cut-off times. Also, swimmers will also be disqualified if the swimmer or his or her crew members pollute the waterways with cups, trash or other debris before, during or after the competition.

Not a bad rule that last one.