The Lake Zurich Marathon Swim

The 28th annual Lake Zurich Marathon Swim will take place on the 26th July 2015.

Lake in Finland

Photo: A lake that I swum in Finland. I cannot remember exactly where it was

Held annually, the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim is a complete length of Lake Zurich, starting in Rapperswil and finishing in Zurich. In total, the swim is 26.4 km which makes it one of the longest swim races in the world.

The 2015 swim, will be the 28th Lake Zurich Marathon Swim. The swim was originally started by Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual leader. Sri Chinmoy played sports not only for the pleasure and to keep fit, but mainly because he saw sports as a natural medium for his philosophy of self-transcendence.

The most notable thing about Lake Zurich is the depth of the water. The average depth is 49 metres, and at its deepest point the Lake is 143 metres. This does not affect the swimming though!